1. In this disclaimer the following is understood:
    • the web page: every web page in which the editor places a hyperlink referring to this disclaimer with the intention to make it applicable to that specific web page;
    • the editor: the authorized editor of the web page;
    • to use: among others to load, to log on, to inquire, to consult, to read, to examine, to listen, to edit, to fill in, to send, to copy, to store, to forward, to spread, to use offered services, to commit acts of law (i.e. to buy, rent);
    • you: the (represented) private person or legal entity that uses the web page;
    • the content: among others texts, static or dynamic images, hyperlinks, sound- and/or video clips or fragments and/or other objects;
    • damage: direct or indirect damage of any nature, i.e. loss of data, business, acquired income, profit or any other economical disadvantage.
  2. All articles of this Disclaimer apply to the web page. By using the web page you agree unconditionally with this disclaimer.
  3. The editor endeavours to actualise and/or to add information to the web page regularly. In spite of this care and attention it is possible that the content is incomplete and/or incorrect.
  4. The editor provides the contents of the web page AS IS, without any guarantee concerning it’s soundness, aptitude for a certain purpose or otherwise. The content is experimental and intended for private use only.
  5. The editor is not liable for any damage which has occured or may occur in connection with and/or results from the use of the web page or to the impossibility to use the web page.
  6. The editor may alter or remove the web page from the internet at all times and without a prior notice. The editor is not liable for any consequence(s) due to the alteration or removal of the web page.
  7. Content provided by a third party has not been independently reviewed, tested, certified, or authenticated in whole or in part by the editor and as such the editor makes no warranty with respect to its contents.
  8. Unauthorized or improper use of the web page or its content can result in an infringement of intellectual (property) rights or an unlawful act related to privacy, publication, communication and other matters. You are responsible for all data and requests which you send from the web page.
  9. The editor reserves the right to deny your access to the web page or certain services available on the web page. As a consequence the editor may monitor your access to the web page.
  10. You will protect the editor, its employees, representatives, license holders, trade partners and the author of this disclaimer against any judicial and non-judicial measures, condemnations, etc, including the costs for legal assistance, accountants etc. which are a direct or indirect consequence of your use of the web page and/or your violation of any law, regulation or rights of third parties.
  11. Definitions World Of Fighters (W O F) 

    these conditions shall apply:In this disclaimer is world of fighters from now on referred to as WO F

    1. “Content” means any text, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos, audiovisual combinations, interactive features, software, scripts and other materials published on or through the W O F

    media, that can be uploaded or downloaded by a User, whether it is of an editorial or commercial origin. Where these Terms and Conditions “Media” State, it also means the content contained therein;

    1. b)”Digital Issues” include (mobile) websites and (mobile) applications as well as other forms of digital publications;
    2. c)”Use”: consulting a publication, downloading and uploading of content as well as any other possible uses of a publication by a User;
    3. d)”User” means a person who in any way makes use of the media of W OF, for example, by reading it, by placing User Content or otherwise;
    4. e)”User Content” means all Content offered by a User to W OF, including, but not limited to, letters, photos and all Content that is made available by a User digital or uploaded for the benefit of one or more W O F media;
    5. f)” W OF ” means the sole proprietorship W O F registered under Dutch CC number 66606683
    6. g)”Issues” means all W O F media, in print form, digital and all other possible forms which

    W O F Content is published

    Applicability and scope
    These conditions apply to the use of all media of W OF, unless other conditions have been declared applicable. Through the use of a Publication the user declares to have taken knowledge of and to agree to these Terms.

    Intellectual property rights
    All (intellectual) property rights to the media, including copyright, trademark database and trade name rights are held exclusively by W O F and / or its licensors. The (right to) use (of) a publication does not imply the existence of any transfer, license or other authorization of these rights to the User.

    W OF expressly retains the copyright in the media. It is there fore – without the prior consent of W OF

    prohibited to use, reproduce or publish the media in any way, in whole or in part mentioning W O F as a source makes no different.

    For framing, whole or partially, take over or otherwise disclose an Issue the user is obligate to ask permission to W O F. Contact details can be found in the publication. Clearly state that the request is a request for re-use. Whether this permission is granted and under what conditions, each case is assessed individually and the user cannot rely on previously granted permission or consent granted to third parties. To the use of W O F Content charges may apply, including at least € 0.36 (excluding VAT) per word sums in case of text files.

    If the User infringes on the rights of W O F he is liable for all W O F consequent damages, including the cost of investigation and legal assistance.

  12. The Tickets. Availability & Pricing. The number of tickets sold per event or performance is solely determined by the organization. Ticket prices are set by the organization selling the ticket. In addition to the face value of the ticket, W O F charges a fee for payment processing, some or all of which is paid by the seller organization. Purchasing Tickets. If you purchase tickets from a seller via the Service, the ticket will be an e-ticket, which will be emailed to you after your purchase. You will not receive a printed paper ticket from W O F
  13. Resale. Tickets sold through W O F are for individual use only and may not be resold.

    (Re) Use of Digital Issues
    It is forbidden to (attempt to) circumvent the security of (parts of) Digital Issues, disable or otherwise (attempt to) influence, impede or limit the use for a third party.

    Full or partial disclosure of a Digital Issue, through any medium, is permitted only by means of a reference (hyperlink), or by using a functionality offered by W O F through the appropriate Digital Issue (eg embed- code). For all other forms of reproduction and / or publication of a Digital Issue prior written consent of W O F is required.

    User Content
    With respect to all User Content the following conditions apply:

    • User Content must not violate any laws, infringe any third party rights (including intellectual property, privacy and image rights), or otherwise unlawful to third parties or Combat Point;
    • User Content should not contain abusive or discriminatory material, contrary to public order or morality, not incite violence or committing offenses, contain pornographic material and no commercial messages;
    • W OF preserves the right to shorten User Content, modify, refuse, delete, block or otherwise make inaccessible if it is contrary to these Conditions, if necessary, without giving reasons;
    • W OF preserves the right to inform the investigating authorities about User Content that is contrary to public policy or otherwise violates any law;
    • The user is fully responsible for (the consequences of) the use of the User Content provided to him by other Users;
    • To provide User Content the User declares and warrants that he is entitled and / or has all necessary consents to such User Content, publish, reproduce and sublicense to W O F and other Users;
    • To provide User Content the User grants:
    1. W OF a worldwide, non time-limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable license (with the right to sublicense) for each (re-) use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display and perform that User Content or any part thereof, for any purpose and in any manner whatsoever in its media, as well as to save the User Content in (electronic) files;
    2. every other user a worldwide, non time-limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to gain access through the relevant Issue to such User Content, and to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display and perform such User Content, within the functionality of a Digital Issue and to the extent expressly permitted by these Terms.

    Regarding User Content in Digital Issues, the following additional conditions apply:

    • The user must login with his account to publish User Content or submit a valid e-mail address;
    • Users under 16 must have permission from their parents or legal representatives for making User Content available;
    • User Content shall not contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms or other programs that may damage the Digital Edition, make it unusable or inaccessible or inflict damage otherwise to W O F and / or other Users;
    • W OF has the right to watermarks User Content with the logo so it can be traced when third party User publish Content elsewhere. It is not allowed to change a watermark, move or delete it.

    W OF is not liable for the consequences of the publication of User Content and the User shall indemnify W O F for all claims of third parties in this respect.

    Creating an account
    If a Digital issue provides the opportunity to create an account, it is subjected to the following conditions:

    • The information provided when creating an account must be complete and accurate;
    • Users under 16 must have permission from their parents or legal representatives to create an     By creating an account, the User warrants that he is 16 or older or have been authorized by his parents or legal representatives;
    • It is not allowed to create an account in the name of another or to adopt a false identity;
    • Users are responsible for keeping his username / login and password strictly confidential;
    • The User is not allowed to use his account to grant third parties access to a Digital Issue;
    • The user is fully responsible for all use of his username / login and password and for all actions carried out via his account. If and when a user suspects that unlawful use of his login code, password, account and / or identity he should instantly inform W O F there of
    • W O F is then entitled to take any measures it deems necessary to protect its resources and other Users and the User must cooperate fully;

    W OF Preserves the right to refuse an account, delete or (temporarily) block access to an account.

    W OF reserves the right to modify the contents of its resources and / or these Terms at any time. The amended Conditions shall enter into force on the date of publication.

    Choice of Law
    These Conditions and any resulting litigation is governed by Dutch law.


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